Cian's Kicking Cancer

Cian's Kicking Cancer

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This blog will be updated by my mummy and daddy to let everyone know how I'm doing and tell you all about the fantastic support that I am receiving from lots of very caring charities.

We are extremely grateful to our family, friends and supporters for fundraising and sending us messages of encouragement.

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It never rains....

Daily updatePosted by Daddy Case Fri, May 20, 2016 17:58:11

Although Cian has been in isolation for most of this week due to the C Difficile infection last week, he has had a pretty good time where he had room visits from Rubicon Dance who had a bit of a boogie with him; a very dramatic story reading from Readathon; and a cool owl balloon hat courtesy of Jasper.

Yesterday it was confirmed that there was no more of the C Diff in Cian's system and he was allowed out of isolation just in time to hear a reading from Wendy Hobbs, the author of The Spell of Pencliff, which is the first of a series of books relating to Claudia Quash.

Unfortunately shortly after that a rash was spotted on Cian's back which has now been confirmed as shingles. This has meant that Cian was put straight back into isolation and is no longer able to go home this weekend.

On the plus side, the shingles hasn't prevented Cian receiving his chemo.

That has now finished and he only has 1 more round to go!! That is likely to take place in 2 or 3 weeks time.

I will no longer be attending the White Collar Boxing in Cowbridge tomorrow as getting Cian better is the priority whilst making sure Dylan and Bethany's weekend isn't impacted too much by the new setback. I'd like to wish all the fighters the very best of luck and thank the organisers ASP so much for organising what promises to be an amazing event and supporting both Cian and Ellie!!

Whatever you are all doing this weekend, we hope it's a good one!

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