Cian's Kicking Cancer

Cian's Kicking Cancer

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This blog will be updated by my mummy and daddy to let everyone know how I'm doing and tell you all about the fantastic support that I am receiving from lots of very caring charities.

We are extremely grateful to our family, friends and supporters for fundraising and sending us messages of encouragement.

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Hoping for better!

Daily updatePosted by Daddy Case Sat, March 12, 2016 15:42:23

I can’t believe I’m writing a blog on a Saturday afternoon, but that is a consequence of current goings-on.

Let’s start with the positives:

· * Cian has had a follow-up hearing test which shows that there is improvement since his previous one to the point that it is now within the normal range expected for a child at his age. The previous low reading can now be put down to the dry flaky skin within his ears following the radiotherapy. This was cleared with olive oil drops.

· * Ultrasound scans of his bladder and kidneys show no real areas for concern.

· * Cian has not been experiencing too much pain.

· * Cian has been in relatively good spirits.

Unfortunately the negatives are currently outweighing those positives.

· * Cian is not eating or drinking anything through his mouth. The only food and drink he is receiving is through a series of tubes.

· * Cian is occasionally ‘spiking’ a temperature, which indicates he might have an infection. As such, he is back in isolation and has yet another tube feeding him antibiotics. They are constantly testing the full range of bodily fluids to try to pinpoint what is causing him so much grief.

· * He does not have the energy to be very active so physio has been kept to a minimum, and he is sleeping a lot more (hence why I can write this blog during the day).

· * The fact that he is having feed and not being mobile is causing him to be sick, and occasionally requiring a new NG tube.

· * He has required platelets to raise his blood levels being low.

So the current situation is that he is stuck in hospital for another weekend smiley

This has raised the mood from irritating to slightly worrying, but we have confidence that this can be turned around, and we get Cian feeling better.

Cian is due more chemotherapy, so we hold our breath as to whether he will be well enough to receive it.

I’m hoping Cian will wake up to watch the rugby with us!

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