Cian's Kicking Cancer

Cian's Kicking Cancer

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This blog will be updated by my mummy and daddy to let everyone know how I'm doing and tell you all about the fantastic support that I am receiving from lots of very caring charities.

We are extremely grateful to our family, friends and supporters for fundraising and sending us messages of encouragement.

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Mixed Fortunes

Daily updatePosted by Daddy Case Wed, March 09, 2016 22:30:53

Since my blog on Thursday there has been quite a bit of a yo-yo situation involving Cian’s wellbeing.

He was feeling a bit better over the weekend, although not soon enough for him to be able to go home and he remained in isolation as a precaution.

I didn’t see Cian over the weekend, as I took Dylan and Bethany to Essex for the weekend to help celebrate their Great-grandmothers 90th Birthday. It was a nice break for them and me, but Cian and mum wasn’t far from our minds… especially on Mother’s Day. It didn’t seem right for them not to see their mother on Sunday, but under the circumstances we made the best of a bad situation. We went to Clacton-on-Sea and had a walk on the promenade and pier.

Mum and Cian had a few visitors to keep them amused over the weekend.

Good news on Monday was that Cian had been allowed off isolation. The downside was that he wasn’t feeling that great and has been spiking the occasional high temperature, which is being counteracted by regular antibiotics.

He did manage to see a performance from Colin, the magician and balloon artist on Tueday during one of his better times.

He is still not eating or drinking anything orally, which appears down to his taste buds and appetite being affected by the medications. It has been quite tricky as he has been receiving ‘maintenance fluids’ and supplemental liquid feeds, and we have needed to find a way to give him these without irritating his digestive system or making him sick.

He has started to take prolonged naps during the day, which will hopefully be helping him get better, but it does make the day drag. He is certainly not as active as he has been and not as lively.

One of the nurses mentioned that he has almost become the ward mascot, so when he is not feeling well, it also lowers the mood of the staff. Hopefully that will give them the incentive to get him back on his feet soon.

Due to his lethargy we haven’t seen much movement in physio, although he has been given a new style of walking frame, which when he is better, I think will give him even greater independence.

In addition to this, we have now received his new wheelchair and car seat. The car seat was partly funded by the generous donations that we have received, but the majority of it by a charity called Newlife who specialise in providing equipment to the disabled.

This new equipment will be invaluable in getting us out and about. No longer will we be reliant on taxis that can accommodate a rigid wheelchair, so within reason, we can travel wherever we want.

I am hoping that Cian will be back well by the weekend, so we have an opportunity to use it all.

Also this week, Cian has been asked on a couple of occasions to show other people his Beads of Courage, which have now grown to quite a substantial size. There are a few little children recently admitted to the ward who are only just starting their own journeys, so it is important for them (and their parents) to witness the positives.

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